Centro de Formación para la Paz

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean Since 2001, IPM has partnered with El Centro de Formación Para La Paz located in Ibagué, COLOMBIA is an ecumenical non-profit association, aims to social change, seeks to advance work proposals with women, adolescents, youth and children in leadership, participation, organization, comprehensive prevention and everything that contributes to the … Read more

Arthumka Community Development Program

Region: South Asia Arthumka Community Development Program (ACDP) provides school support in the Arthumka village, Nepal, by supplying food, sports gear, and musical instruments to local children. Arthumka has also assisted in the development of the “Eye Camp” – a two-day program that consists of a general optical exam for villagers and cataract surgeries as … Read more

Josera Street Children

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa This emerging program provides a daycare and nursery school for children of the Mchanganyiko village in Nakuru. IPM funds help support an outreach program that benefits street children to care for their mental, physical, and spiritual needs through education, counseling, peer education and providing food and shelter.

Friends of Kakamega

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa Friends of Kakamega (Kakamega, KENYA) is a nonprofit organization that supports the initiatives of the Kakamega Orphan Project and Care Center, where orphaned and vulnerable children, whose parents have died of AIDS or other diseases or whose safety and wellbeing are at risk, can find resources and the opportunity for residency. Since … Read more

Watoto Wa Lwanga School

Region: Sub_Saharan Africa The St. Charles Lwanga School in Kibera, a slum of Nairobi, Kenya, aims to rehabilitate and develop children in special circumstances from the streets or out of school due to socio-economic & psychological factors, through non-formal, vocation training, and community interventions based on values of charity and love. The School has three … Read more