Immersion Experience Program

Transformative Travel

At IPM we believe that connections are a powerful bond that can lead to social change. Our signature Immersion Experience Program for school groups, businesses, institutions, and individuals focuses on developing those important bonds between participants and our Project Partners.

How To Enroll

Each IEP accommodates between 8 and 12 people at a time, but we do offer several solutions for smaller groups and individuals. Standard program fees are all-inclusive and range from $2,200 to $4,600. We encourage that you contact us approximately seven to nine months in advance of your intended departure date. For more information and to schedule your IEP, please contact:

Victoria Jimenez, Immersion Experience Coordinator

[email protected] | +1.866.932.4082

IEP Basics

The IPM Immersion Model stands apart from the traditional service or volunteer trip.

Our Immersion Experience Program focuses on person-to-person cross cultural exchange as the best avenue for building a more just and peaceful world. We encourage participants to walk in solidarity with the communities our Project Partners serve.

How does it work?

The Immersion Experience Program (IEP) offers 7-10 day travel opportunities to the regions where IPM’s Project Partners operate. Participants will meet and live with individuals from across our global community, listening and learning from their hosts while sharing their compassion and personal experience in turn.

What will we learn?

Participants will learn how our Project Partners benefit their communities and will be introduced to the history and current day realities of the region they are traveling in.

Where will we go?

Each  IEP will focus on one of eleven different countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, India, Italy, Kenya, Nepal, Nicaragua, Tanzania, and the United States of America.

What accommodations are provided?

IEP participants should expect simple lodging, local food, and safe drinking water. IPM will arrange for 3 daily meals and will accommodate all food allergies and dietary restrictions including vegetarianism and veganism. Airfare, in-country transportation, and translation services are also provided.

How is this different from a traditional service or volunteer trip?

The IEP methodology is to form relationships and develop a stronger understanding of our Project Partners’ daily realities. We do not do any direct service projects; it is our hope that returning participants become advocates for our Project Partners and marginalized citizens around the world. Program fees do include monetary contributions to IPM’s Project Partners, compensating them for the time they spend with each of our groups. All IPM Project Partners are engaged with IPM on a long-term basis for organizational development.

Schedules & Itineraries

Each Immersion Experience Program (IEP) offers a unique perspective on history and culture in one of eleven countries through the eyes of local people, including IPM’s own Project Partners.

Itineraries can be flexibly structured to best suit your group and all activities are subject to change as may be necessary. You can explore sample itineraries for each country using the links below.

Meet Our Project Partners From Around The World


Open Immersions

For individuals of all ages and interests, we typically offer four to six Open Immersions each year that do not have a minimum group size.


“I have learned to be resourceful, humble, patient, and kind when using materials or water. I have learned to be thankful and that I can help not only those around the world but also the people at home who need help, and that has made me an aware global citizen."

Emily Keller, Participant

“By entering into this journey, you are accepting a call to live as the people in that country live, eat what they eat, and accompany them in their struggles and joys. The greatest challenge for delegations traveling with IPM is not simply to give, but also to humbly receive, to be willing to stand back and listen… to enter into a partnership that teaches us as much as we can offer in return.”

Joseph Cistone, IPM CEO

“I think the experience readily convinced me that working with the marginalized is not easy or comfortable. But it also showed me that there are few causes more rewarding or important...I am now filled with their same fire and a restlessness, and I am excited to put that energy to work.”

Peter, Student

“This experience made me realize that all people are responsible for the actions of their country through the process of voting and political awareness...Being more politically active and sharing stories of the people here will help create an atmosphere of social justice in my own community at home.”

Harry Crimi, Student

“This Immersion Experience has definitely educated me on the power of what a small group of people could do...It makes me feel like I do have the power and ability to help others even if I feel like I don’t have much to offer financially."

Visaury Moreta, Student

“IPM is giving an opportunity to the youth so that they have the tools to contribute to the construction of a new society.”

Zoraida Soza Sanchez, Project Partner, Mujer Y Communidad