Get Involved

Where Should I Start?

IPM’s Partnerships expose us to the continued global reality of racial and socioeconomic injustice. More importantly, they allow us to witness the resiliency and solidarity of communities who are committed to working together to address material poverty, environmental injustices, gender inequality, and many other disparities.

There are many ways to contribute to the success of our global community; here are just a few starting points that benefit from the international relationships IPM has fostered.

Financial Support

Direct monetary contributions are the most versatile form of support for IPM, allowing us to respond dynamically to the changing needs of our Project Partners. Donations are used to fund new and ongoing Partnerships, regional and international gatherings, technical assistance, trainings, and more.

Please consider designating your gift to our $100,000 Annual Fund Matching Gift Challenge. Learn more about this Special Appeal.

Immersion Experience Program

We believe that connections are a powerful bond that can lead to social change. Our signature Immersion Experience Program for school groups, businesses, institutions, and individuals focuses on developing those important bonds between participants and our Project Partners.

Returning from an Immersion - What Next?

Recently returned from an Immersion Experience and not sure how to stay involved? Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  • Share your photos and reflections with family, friends, and on our Facebook Page.
  • Stay informed on current events in the country you visited, as well as the work of the Project Partners you met. Get regular updates from IPM by signing up for our  email newsletter at the bottom of this page.
  • Write about your experience and the issues you witnessed for a local newspaper, campus paper, IPM’s Connections Newsletter or electronic newsletter.
  • Research a topic you learned about on your Immersion Experience for a senior project, thesis, or research paper.
  • Invite IPM representatives or International Speakers to present at your school, office, congregation, or community center. Learn more by contacting the IPM office at +1.866.932.4082.
  • Sponsor a local event raising awareness about IPM in your community, on your campus, or at your congregation, sharing your participation and the work of our Project Partners. This event could be a fundraiser or simply recount your experience.
  • Join our Youth Encouraging Solidarity (YES) network of students on campuses across the country, striving to keep their campuses informed about global realities.

Other Opportunities

Follow the links below to learn about all the other ways you can join IPM’s international network of supporters.