Arthumka Community Development Program

Region: South Asia

Arthumka Community Development Program (ACDP) provides school support in the Arthumka village, Nepal, by supplying food, sports gear, and musical instruments to local children. Arthumka has also assisted in the development of the “Eye Camp” – a two-day program that consists of a general optical exam for villagers and cataract surgeries as needed. “The expression of happiness made feel proud for Prayas, Nepal. Some told us they didn’t expect to see, their vision came back again without any cost in this old age,” said Fulmati Thupa, OUEST Nepal Staff. Additionally, ACDP has created a skill development program comprised of: home-stay training; housekeeping training; bag weaving training; and women’s leadership training.

ACDP was the 2019 recipient if the Kathleen T. Mink Project Partner Award for their work in sustainable development by offering wrap-around services for community needs.