Arthumka Community Development Program

Region: South Asia Arthumka Community Development Program (ACDP) provides school support in the Arthumka village, Nepal, by supplying food, sports gear, and musical instruments to local children. Arthumka has also assisted in the development of the “Eye Camp” – a two-day program that consists of a general optical exam for villagers and cataract surgeries as … Read more

Back To School

Region: South Asia This program provides housing and educational support to 24 children ages 6-18 in the Henan Province in China in the city of Xuchang. The city is one of the poorest in the province and many of the children are HIV/AIDS orphans. This program allows the children to go to school and provides … Read more

SWI Calendar Project

Region: South Asia This project supports women in a micro-enterprise initiative of calendar making. The women have discussion groups to decide on the themes that will be displayed in the Calendar. The calendars are then distributed to women in the community and each month of the calendar has a positive message regarding women’s empowerment, health, … Read more

Mary Jenkins Hospice Center

Region: South Asia Mary Jenkins Hospice Center (Nagercoil, INDIA) seeks to provide physical, mental, and emotional support to those who are terminally ill in this economically poor community. Over the past several years, Mary Jenkins Hospice Center has served over 3,300 individuals who have come to spend their finals days at the Center. The hospice … Read more


Region: South Asia HUM (Ahmedabad, INDIA) is a microenterprise project run by Dalit and Muslim women who make kites, rakhis (traditional string bracelets), sewing beads, soap, and other products to sell to homes and small businesses. HUM works to bring people of different backgrounds together, particularly those of Hindu and Muslim backgrounds, with the goal … Read more