Global Citizens Program

IPM’s Global Citizens Program offers an opportunity for personalized and effective engagement for corporations, academic institutions, and congregations with IPM’s Project Partners around the world.

Global Citizens partner directly with one of IPM’s Project Partners, providing their full full funding goal and often engaging directly with the that Project through an Immersion Experience, technical assistance, and other communication.

become a global citizen

Contact IPM for more information on how your company, congregation, or organization can participate by calling +1.866.932.4082.

the three branches of citizenship

There are three branches of the program, each customized for its participants whether they be a corporation/business, academic institution, or congregation/faith group.

JUSTICE (Corporations and Other Businesses)
Providing an opportunity for Project engagement, this branch of the program offers an efficient and effective way to give back and support organizations working for justice in marginalized communities around the world. Semi-annual return-on-investment reports and personal visits from regional representatives keep sponsors and employees informed about the progress of their Partner.

AMANI (Congregations and Faith Groups)
Amani is the Swahili word for peace. The Amani branch of the program seeks to share the peace of faith communities with our Project Partners across the globe. Offering opportunities for profound partnership, this branch allows for dialogue and immaterial support in addition to a way to concretely contribute to efforts building peace around the world.

ESPERANZA (Academic Institutions and Educational Programs)
Esperanza is the Spanish word for hope. The Esperanza branch of the program connects communities of students with groups working to promote hope around the world. Students connect directly with one of IPM’s Project Partner, fundraising and advocating on their behalf, while having the opportunity to interact through an Immersion Experience or other communication through IPM.