IPM is committed to partnerships with women’s initiatives around the world, empowering women and bringing them together to solve community issues, improve family life, and generate income for some of our world’s most marginalized citizens.



This program, a recognized cooperative, operates a local corn grinder that is accessible for the entire community to grind their corn to make tortillas or other corn based products typical to the Salvadorian diet.
Picture of ACOMUJERZA/Mujer y Comunidad

ACOMUJERZA/Mujer y Comunidad

An IPM Project since 2004, ACCOMUJERZA (Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR) continues to be very successful in expanding cooperative production of clothing & handcrafts, natural herbal products, and catering.
Picture of Alangaramatha Women’s Society

Alangaramatha Women’s Society

Alangaramatha Women’s Society, or The Self-Employed Women’s Development Society (Tamil Nadu, INDIA), is a community-based organization started by women who realized after a tsunami hit the area that aid would eventually discontinue. T …
Picture of Building Bridges/Notre Dame Women’s Training

Building Bridges/Notre Dame Women’s Training

Building Bridges, formerly known as the Notre Dame Women’s Training Program (Vaniyakudy, INDIA), operates under the direction of Sr. Priscilla Dacosta in the Notre Dame Community College of Tamil Nadu. This project offers vocational t …
Picture of CEPROSI


CEPROSI (Nindiri, NICARAGUA) is an organization working to support grassroots micro-enterprise projects that provide sustainable economic opportunities for women in three local communities as well as to improve the nutrition and health of the wider community.
Picture of Dandora Women’s Forum

Dandora Women’s Forum

The program empowers women through training and legal counseling to engage in income-generating opportunities in Dandora dumpsite, where approximately 850 tons of solid waste generated by around 3.5 million inhabitants of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, are disposed of daily.
Picture of El Cercado Community Development

El Cercado Community Development

This program improves the quality of life for people in El Cercado and surrounding communities by training health promoters, promoting education, improving agricultural initiatives, and supporting community and faith-based organizing initiatives. …
Picture of Esperanza Threads

Esperanza Threads

This program provides job training in industrial sewing leading to employment for low income individuals with barriers to employment. Currently the program is working with both migrant and refugee workers as well as native Clevelanders to prepare them …
Picture of HUM


HUM (Ahmedabad, INDIA) is a microenterprise project run by Dalit and Muslim women who make kites, rakhis (traditional string bracelets), sewing beads, soap, and other products to sell to homes and small businesses.
Picture of Mary Jenkins Hospice Center

Mary Jenkins Hospice Center

Mary Jenkins Hospice Center (Nagercoil, INDIA) seeks to provide physical, mental, and emotional support to those who are terminally ill in this economically poor community. Over the past several years, Mary Jenkins Hospice Center has served ov …

Picture of Mujer y Comunidad, San Francisco Libre

Mujer y Comunidad, San Francisco Libre

This program’s goal is to promote the education, health, and well-being of women, youth, and children, as well as human rights.
Picture of NUTRAVIDA Soya Program

NUTRAVIDA Soya Program

This program provides low-income families with soy products to supplement their daily nutrition.
Picture of Peace Center for the Blind

Peace Center for the Blind

The Center continues to be successful in its promotion of self-sufficiency for visually impaired members of the community, and with each year come new faces at the Center. The program offers academic and vocational training for blind Palestinian women …
Picture of Project of Hope/Speranza II

Project of Hope/Speranza II

This program seeks to address the needs of women who have gone through the trauma of having been trafficked. A group of religious women from the Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Nigeria run the project, providing a safe haven for Afri …
Picture of Rieti Agricultural Training

Rieti Agricultural Training

The program’s demonstration farm offers informal training to vulnerable members of the community, enabling them to gain basic skills in sustainable agriculture. The produce from the farm is then provided to the needy in the community.
Picture of SWI Calendar Project

SWI Calendar Project

This project supports women in a micro-enterprise initiative of calendar making. The women have discussion groups to decide on the themes that will be displayed in the Calendar.
Picture of Women’s Community Project/SER MUJER

Women’s Community Project/SER MUJER

This program works with the mothers of the children of IPM’s other Colombia-based project, Niños Trabajadores. The project works to provide economic opportunities through cooperative activities for the mothers to earn sustainable income so that they ma …
Picture of Women’s Nutritional Program

Women’s Nutritional Program

This initiative is giving local women an employment opportunity in a women’s cooperative. The women produce nutritional products to be readily available to low-income or undernourished community members. The area has long struggled with poverty and lac …