FSSA Rieti Farm

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Since 2008, IPM has partnered with FSSA Rieti Farm located in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, the Manyonge village of Bondo. This is an organization that aims to improve the livelihood of community members in the Manyonge village by training in sustainable agribusiness activities. Create food security in the area by providing reliable skills in agriculture and teaching women in the community about their responsibilities, rights, and independence. Their focus is to work with the villagers through the Agricultural Learning Center, seminars, and workshops are organized to educate the community members especially the women on agricultural activities. Also, employments are provided to the community members to enable them to earn a living. Besides, the center focused on dairy, poultry, and crop production as an income-generating activity that can be run with locally available resources. As well the center takes part in Corporate Social Responsibility to improve the livelihood in the villages.