El Cercado Community Development

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Since 1995, IPM has partnered with El Cercado Community Development. Located in El Cercado, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC aims to improve the quality of life for people in El Cercado and surrounding communities by promoting education and health, improving agricultural initiatives and supporting the community and faith-based organizing initiatives. Their work is focused on children, youth and women through the different programs: Women United in Development, their mission is to produce and/or purchase local natural products to generate value-added specialty products, such as peanut butter, a protein bar called Nutrifort, marmalade, cassava, and candy. Education Program, they expand educational opportunities and lead children, youth, and women in the process of providing hope and improving their future.  Agriculture Program, supports local agriculture through a Federation of 18 Farmers Associations, St. Peter and Paul, promoting ecologically sustainable agriculture integrating components of agroforestry, soil conservation, horticulture in open fields and greenhouses, organic fertilizers and natural pesticides, marketing, and animal husbandry.  Health Program, their work extends across a diverse area of health including the building of community water systems, latrine construction, training of health promoters, distribution of food, a maternal-infant program, senior care, pharmacies, housing construction, medical clinics and prevention of infectious diseases.