ACOMUJERZA / Mujer y Comunidad

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

An IPM Project since 2004, ACOMUJERZA (Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR) continues to be very successful in expanding cooperative production of clothing & handcrafts, natural herbal products, and catering.

In 2014, ACOMUJERZA directly benefited 29 people, with 23 members pertaining to the cooperative and six people from the community being employed, with an additional 87 people, especially the families of the cooperative women, indirectly benefiting from the organization. Nine institutions were served by ACOMUJERZA, through the catering and clothing production, including Nuestra Senora del Pilar Parish, three schools, and Zaragoza High School.

Some of the project’s more recent accomplishments included drastically increasing their textile production to over 4,000 school uniforms for the government, as it was selected as one of 48 organizations creating school packets for students across the country.

Over the years, the local women were able to bring their clothing to larger markets in order to earn a sustainable income to support their families. Not only does the co-op provide the women with income, but it also fosters a sense of ownership and community, as the women are able to have control over their labor. It also provides safe and clean working conditions so that women do not have to work in sweatshops

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