ACOMUJERZA / Mujer y Comunidad

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Originally called Mujer y Comunidad (Zaragoza, El SALVADOR), in 2003 they became the first IPM Project Partner in El Salvador and subsequently acquired legal status as a cooperative. ACOMUJERZA is a women’s cooperative, which recently seeks to integrate the participation of men to empower associates as agents of change in their homes and community, providing income opportunities through different areas of work. 

The basic work item is the production and marketing of clothing and handicrafts in local markets with international expansion vision. The cooperative not only offers women income, but also social organization and a sense of independence by recognizing that they are able to have control over their work and empower themselves. 

One major accomplishment included drastically increasing their textile production to over 4,000 school uniforms for the government, as it was selected as one of 48 organizations creating school packets for students across the country.

In 2014, ACOMUJERZA directly benefited 29 people, with 23 members pertaining to the cooperative and six people from the community being employed, with an additional 87 people, especially the families of the cooperative women, indirectly benefiting from the organization. Nine institutions were served by ACOMUJERZA, through the catering and clothing production, including Nuestra Senora del Pilar Parish, three schools, and Zaragoza High School.

Read about their progress in the 2019 LAC Annual Report.
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