IPM’s partnerships with youth initiatives around the world offer support to community organizations providing outreach and support to youth who might otherwise have limited opportunities.


Picture of AIC Girls School

AIC Girls School

AIC Girls School provides tuition help to young girls to attend AIC Girls’ boarding school in Kenya. Majority of the girls who are at this school are escapees of early forced marriages. They are provided room and board, as well as, psychological suppor …
Picture of Bride Rescue Project

Bride Rescue Project

The Bride Rescue Project provides education and help to girls who are rescued from being married at a very young age, which is an acceptable tradition in some regions of the country. Those who marry at a young age are not allowed to finish school.
Picture of Project Lakota

Project Lakota

This program located on the Pine Ridge Reservation, is home to two of the poorest counties in the United States. One of the biggest social problems on the reservation is a lack of adequate housing for Native American families, especially women and chil …
Picture of Restorative Justice School Project

Restorative Justice School Project

This program, in response to violence in the St. Louis Public Schools, is teaching students to communicate their needs in a non-violent and effective manner. This is done through the use of circles where the victim has the opportunity to have a voice.

Picture of Sacajawea Treasures

Sacajawea Treasures

This program works with Eastern Shoshone tribal members to develop sustainable economic opportunities and promote the native culture.
Picture of Shining Scholars

Shining Scholars

This program provides financial support, guidance counseling, food and school supplies to approximately 30 middle- and high-school-aged youth as well as support to their families in three counties of the Boot Heel region of Missouri, an impoverished ar …
Picture of St. Martin de Porres/Fundación SASEL

St. Martin de Porres/Fundación SASEL

San Martin De Porres (Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR) is a school in the El Zaite community of Zaragoza. It includes a primary and secondary school for children, as well as academic, cooking, and hotel training courses for adults. Youth who attend San …
Picture of Teen Night School

Teen Night School

This program provides secondary education to teenagers who work during the day to support their families. The school is located in one of the poorest areas of Managua, where the crime rate is high and economic opportunities are few, wher …

Picture of Youth Enrichment Program

Youth Enrichment Program

This program in connection with Community Women Against Hardship (CWAH), provides education programs for youth who are at risk of dropping out of school. Many of the students enrolled in the program do not have age-appropriate reading levels and have l …