Special Projects

IPM Special Projects are donor-driven initiatives for which IPM offers administrative oversight. Some are related to IPM’s existing Project Partners, while others are an agreement between a donor and a separate initiative. For more information, contact IPM at tel. +1.866.932.4082 or email.


Agroecological Resource Project (AFES), Uberlandia, BRAZIL
Agricultural Nurseries, El Cercado, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
El Cercado Building Project, El Cercado, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Claire Bedard Scholarship, Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR
Conchita Scholarship, Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR
Lidia Coggiola Hyland Partnership, Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR
Proyecto de Salud, Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR
Salvadoran University & Technical School Scholarships, Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR
Sister School Project, Zaragoza, EL SALVADOR
Solidarity in Education, El Zaite, EL SALVADOR
Girls for the World, INDIA
India Waste Workers Organization, Delhi, INDIA
Indigenous Mission Academy, Manipur, INDIA
Manipur School Rebuilding Project, Manipur, INDIA
Pochabhai Foundation, Gujarat, INDIA
Bride Rescue Project, KENYA
Brothers of St. Charles, KENYA
Rieti Farm Irrigation, KENYA
Shikokho Secondary School, Kakamega, KENYA
Maya Universe Academy, Tanahun, NEPAL
Bethsaida Secondary School for Girls, Dar el Salaam, TANZANIA
Asante Nazawadi, Kayunga, UGANDA
Cleveland Colectivo, Cleveland, OH, USA