- April 3rd, 2020 -


from Italia to where I sit 

Friends and loved ones 

caught in a web 

Tangle of misunderstanding 

of fear and othering 

Inability to take heart 

to take responsibility 

Where O God 

to find peace at times like this 

Where O Soul 

burdened down 

Where O Lungs 

longing for breath 

Where O Heart 

reaching out to others 

Hands that cross the divide 

spreading to feel as one 

Novel Coronavirus 

infection in the millions 

Deaths untold 

no means to say goodbye 


disease eating the heart of America 

Facemasks lacking 

Gowns sodden 

Ventilators broken 

Cries unheard 

The times are heavy 

the light is darkened 

The rain offers cleansing 

the sky a ray of possibility 

Here in the silence of the morning 

in the messages of friends far and wide 

We find some peace 

a deeper sense of belonging 

a strengthening of spirit 

a burgeoning of will 


© Joe Cistone, 3 April 2020

Joseph F. Cistone
April 3, 2020