India Reminds Me

- November 10th, 2016 -

In many ways it has been cathartic to be in India during these post-election days. The world beyond our borders continues to remind me that love and solidarity are the answer when fear only breeds hate. I know that Mahesh UpadhyayaPeter Mayer, and everyone with us in #india is feeling the same. Somehow, we will get through what has been such a difficult wake-up call for so many. While our nation may be more divided than it has been in some time, we have made incredible progress the past 1/2 century. It may not always feel that way, but our brothers and sisters around the world constantly remind me that much. In so many ways, the United States remains a beacon on the hill for all those yearning to breathe free. With much work ahead, I join with all people of goodwill in the hope-filled promise that we can make our country and world a more tolerant and loving place. Call me naive, but I have the suspicion that this election may have just been the wake-up call we have needed to shake us from our complacency and remind us exactly what is worth fighting for. Join me!


Joseph F. Cistone
November 10, 2015

[Breaking down walls with some engaging Muslim students on the road to Nagercoil, with Peter Mayer]