Emerging Projects

IPM’s Emerging Projects are in the initial stages of partnership with IPM and work closely with our Regional Staff for further development and definition of a longer term partnership.


Picture of DEEDNET (Villa Teag)

DEEDNET (Villa Teag)

This is an emerging project.
Picture of Friends of Kakamega

Friends of Kakamega

This emerging program supports the Kakamega Orphan project that helps over 400 children at the center in Kakamega. IPM funds help with the Self-Help Seed program that is being started in the community to help provide home-based families the opportunity to learn …
Picture of Josera Street Children

Josera Street Children

This emerging program provides a daycare and nursery school for children of the Mchanganyiko village in Nakuru. IPM funds help support an outreach program that benefits street children to care for their mental, physical, and spiritual needs through education.