IPM partners with community initiatives serving children across the globe. These extraordinary Partners provide support and opportunities to some of our world’s most marginalized and vulnerable citizens.

Picture of Astuha


This program which stands for Association des Tuteurs des Handicapés, provides resources and financial support to children, especially older children and others who are underserved and suffering from severe disabilities, such as autism and cerebral palsy.

Picture of Back to School

Back to School

This program provides housing and educational support to 24 children ages 6-18 in the Henan Province in China in the city of Xuchang. The city is one of the poorest in the province and many of the children are HIV/AIDS orphans. This program allows the children to go to school and provides them with the materials and support necessary to continue their education.
Picture of Family Promise of Greater Cleveland

Family Promise of Greater Cleveland

This program formally, Interfaith Hospitality Network a national organization, joined forces with New Life Community to become Family Promise. The program provides hospitality, meals, interim housing, and support to homeless families in the Greater Cle …
Picture of Kandula Community Project

Kandula Community Project

This project provides free preschool education for two years to children of the members of the community. Those who complete the two years of pre-school have free admission to public schools that are funded by the project.
Picture of Niños Trabajadores

Niños Trabajadores

This program, Spanish for “Working Children,” provides educational opportunities for children who are forced to work in the marketplace during the day.
Picture of Patronato Lidia Coggiola

Patronato Lidia Coggiola

This project promotes education, community organization, health, and the defense and care of the environment locally and nationally. This project is comprised of a kindergarten and an afterschool program.
Picture of Project Peanut Butter

Project Peanut Butter

This project helps to provide fortified peanut butter to children who were admitted to hospitals for malnutrition. The children once released were taken into the same malnutritious conditions as they were to start with, and peanut butter helped more t …
Picture of St. Martin de Porres School

St. Martin de Porres School

This school provides education to children who are affected by Cerebral Palsy. This special school was created to give these children the opportunity to get education and rehabilitation.
Picture of Watoto Wa Lwanga School

Watoto Wa Lwanga School

This school provides education and support for children in the marginalized communities of the city of Nairobi. The school works in the primary levels of education in the slum of Kibera and also offers a Vocational Training Program for secondary school …