Aiding and Abetting Terror in El Salvador: Holding the United States Responsible

International Partners in Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gave two law students from Case Western Reserve University School of Law the opportunity to travel and gain insight into Salvadoran human rights realities and community attempts at reconstruction following the Civil War. Initially, IPM’s interns gathered local testimonies and researched international law. Their research focused on academic analysis regarding the Peace Accords and laws created in response to the victims who survived the Civil War. Both interns further gathered testimonies from civilians who escaped massacres orchestrated by Salvadoran military fighters, from guerilla fighters who took up arms in opposition to the military, and from community members living in areas that are now controlled by gangs. They discovered that the Salvadoran government further divides the nation by failing to provide accountability of Salvadoran political leaders accused of committing war crimes during the Civil War. To conduct their interviews, IPM’s interns used local translators as they gathered these testimonies and broke bread with Salvadorans who wished to share their experiences.

Written and Edited By Brenna Dilley and Kristina-Aiad Toss