– January 16th, 2019 – Wrote this more than 5 years ago but no less relevant today. (Article: What Kenya Mall Siege Can Teach Us) Joseph F. CistoneJanuary 16, 2019joesphfranciscistone.net

A New Year’s Remembrance

– January 1st, 2019 – Dear Friends, I had planned to write you today with New Year’s Greetings while reminding you of our year-end match campaign. And, in fact, you may donate to IPM through this evening (and via check’s dated December 31st) to support the remarkable work of our Project Partners and Regional Offices … Read more

Thanksgiving–It’s Each of You I Am Thankful For!

– November 22nd, 2018 – It probably won’t surprise you to know that Thanksgiving remains a holiday of mixed blessings for me. Created as a myth that denies the reality of genocide perpetrated against Native communities and now largely morphed into a shopping holiday, I continue to wrestle with exactly what we are claiming to … Read more


– June 22nd, 2018 – On Sunday June 17 as I gathered with the members of my faith community to celebrate Father’s Day our commemorations of the vital role fathers and father-figures play in the lives of children were sidetracked by the heart-wrenching scenes of children being forcibly separated from their parents at our nation’s … Read more

A Cry of the Nicaraguan People

– May 17th, 2018 – I’m sorry José, I can only share this sad thing we’re living! Still we are very encouraged in our work and looking for how to help women planning self-help workshops to manage stress and anxiety in this social conflict. We know that with your prayers and our faith everything will improve, … Read more